Friday, June 22, 2007

Payal rohatgi's is another bollywood actress whose claim to fame has been shedding clothes. As with others this strategy never works in the long run. She started off by being Miss Tourism, 2001(Again looks like beauty queen competitions should be rechristened as Bollywood entry competitions.) She happens to be a computer engineer and took up modelling after college.
Finally made entry into bollywood with a B grade film(or was it A grade?) Tauba Tauba.

Below are three wallpapers from the same movie. Payal looks real hot....

Incidentally the movie is being remade now(a sequel to that) and Payal is not going to star in it. The director has claimed to have replaced her with someone hotter in "Sadhika". See below and decide yourself who is hotter...
Still from phir tauba tauba, Sadhika looking very sexy

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