Saturday, July 28, 2007

The sexy seductress Payal started off her bollywood career with some forgettable B-Grade films. I had written about one of her films in my earlier post on bollyfeet, and had at that time mentioned how Payal should look to change her image as she appears to be a better actress than what she portrays on screen. Well looks like Payal is listening. She has acknowledged in an interview that she did some bad roles in the past, and has shed too much of her clothes doing scenes that she should have avoided. She plans to do only good quality roles now. Ahh well thats good in a way. Erotic B-Grade won't take her too far anyway.

Here is a photoshoot showing her changed image. Payal Rohatgi Sitting barefeet cross legged on the floor, she does look quite beautiful to me.
Barefeet Payal Rohatgi
Payal Rohatgi sitting bare feet
Payal Rohatgi sitting on floor crosslegged bare feet

And absolutely ravishing in saree too...
Superb Looks in a Saree
Payal looking sexy
Payal Rohatgi
Payal Rohatgi

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