Monday, July 16, 2007

You saw her first in an item song "leke pehla pehla pyaar"(linked to video) and then she came as an amazingly cute lead actress in the recent film MP3(Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar). Oh in beteween maybe you read this..

Mera Pehla Pyar Hai girl ‘Hazel’ was asked to strip to get a role!

Well thats nothing new considering that now we are seeing that even male casting couch seems to exist in bollywood. On the latter i can only comment that please find the people of your type and leave the normal guys alone. To each his own.

Coming back to hazel, she is 25 years old and knows hindi fluently. Here are some superb pictures from a photoshoot she did...

Hazel Crowney looking cute
Hazel Crowney photoshoot
Hazel Crowney shows off her legs

And here are couple of super hot photos of her showing her legs and feet.
Hazel Bare foot
Hazel strikes a dazzling pose showing her bare feet

Finally two of her cute wallpapers from the movie MP3
Hazel Wallpaper Bollywood Actress Hazel Wallpaper

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