Friday, July 27, 2007

An out and out hot and sexy photoshoot. Kareena Kapoor posed for Maxim in february 2007 and these are wallpapers based on the maxim shoot. Ultra High resolution (1600X1200) wallpapers which would delight both the bebo(kareena's pet name) fans even those who don't like her(who are those guys anyway??)
She has drop dead sexy legs and such classy looks that will leave you stunned.

Starting off with a 1024X768 resolution wallpaper of Kareena. Wow look at the pose, look at the legs and look at the beauty..
Kareena Kapoor High Resolution wallpaper

And now the ultra high resolution wallpapers(1600X1200). Look at those super sexy legs.. wow... Kareena is super hot!!
Ultra High resolution Kareena Wallpaper
Ultra High Resolution Kareena Kapoor wallpaper

A marilyn monroe pose? We don't mind at all. She looks gorgeous anyway!!
High Quality Bebo wallpaper

If you want to see more wallpapers in same ultra high quality then see Kareena Kapoor wallpaper gallery. These walls have been taken from there.

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