Friday, July 27, 2007

I am posting the photos but am planning to skip this post immediately with one more. I don't think Naina ever deserved the Gladrags Mrs India(yea she is married) tag. The only reason she ever got the tag is not cos of her looks, or her brains for that matter. Its easy to see whats identifies her and i don't think much about that. I personally think big breasts get ugly after a point, although i know lot of others might think otherwise.

Here are some of her photos showing off her legs, bare feet and yeah her big assets.
Naina Dhariwal Barefeet and looking sexy
Sexy Naina Dhariwal
Hot Naina Dhariwal
Naina Dhariwal in swimsuit
Naina in swimsuit on the beach
Naina shows off her big assets
Oops,, that last image got posted by mistake, has nothing to do with the blog... hey am not kidding.. what???
lol signing off with a video.
Btw please note, i take care to avoid any watermarks that link to adult sites. But i can't vouch for all of them. So be disceet.

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