Sunday, July 29, 2007

An internationally acclaimed Indian Actress, Sonali Kulkarni is not only a beautiful actress but a talented one too. Even though she has had limited commercial success in Bollywood with very small cameo roles in Dil Chahta Hai and Mission Kashmir among others, Sonali is one of the few actresses to make it big in the international scene with her winning the best actress award at the Milan Film Festival for her performance in Italian film Fuoco Di Su Me (My Heart Is On Fire).

Some High resolution wallpapers of Sonali. The first one is for widescreen(1600X1200) and the rest are 1024X768. She has nice legs along with great looks..
Sonali Kulkarni bare feet on the floor
Sonali Kulkarni shows her legs
Sonali Kulkarni in Fuoco Di Su Me

For more about Sonali Kulkarni check out her official website.

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