Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's nutritionist now coming out and saying that the King of Pop desperate sedative called Diprivan.
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Nurse / Nutritionist Cherilyn Lee has succeeded in treating Michael Jackson as a patient tells the media that in the last days Whacko Jacko was adamant to receive a powerful intravenous sedative called Diprivan or Propofol.

But not only that the story becomes even more interesting here. Only three or four days before Michael Jackson went away, one of Michael Jackson's assistant placed a desperate call to Lee, "Nurse said that Jackson was very ill.

'On one side of my body is warm, it is hot and one side of my body is cold, "Lee over heard Jackson say in the background.

An NPD of sedative Diprivan that can compel a person to stop breathing, which can lead to fatal buildup of carbon dioxide in the body. This building CO2 can lead to unequal Heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson does not go to the hospital on June 21 when Lee was called, but he was rushed to UCLA Medical Center on June 25 after falling unconscious in Los Angeles at home and not responding to CPR.

Now you now what happened on that fateful day. More will come in the following days, and I can play this story is here to stay a few extra days.

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