Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don Cornelius, creator and host of the long-running TV musical institution "Seoul Train" reminisces about when he found a prodigious early talent and music in late Michael Jackson.
Will Tevin campbell  and Don Cornelius link with late Michael Jackson

"I met Michael Jackson at age 8, when his father, and my new friend, Joe Jackson, began to lead Jackson 5 Chicago, at home, and Gary, Indiana, a concert of the skin, Cornelius spinner said." Sana Jackson 5 on his devastating skills Concert Artists are beginning to spread to the forest fire control with laser-like attention to all areas of the Chicago R & B music stars.

"The current thinking among the local R & B Stars in relation to this very young group of artists of entertainment called the Jackson 5, was" If Michael Jackson and his brothers were recorded for future display Chicago area, let it alone! Do not subscribe! Do not go for it and get totally blown away and the young Michael Jackson 5! "

Jamie Foxx made bet Execs jump to the approaching traffic when he made the necessary public service ads for the HIV / AIDS testing. He made a joke, lighten the subject, says: "When it was necessary to unprotected sex, when one of them, HIV / AIDS advertisements become ... I can not move around a few words, it was not right, but I am sure you can imagine. In addition, I am learned in the evening, better than I can moonwalk Jamie Foxx.

Relationship to star as a child 8 years old, which would, Cornelius has this to say: "Michael Jackson's amazing crescendo of personal power is entertainer was a clear and unique, and it never fell on this day! His passing is a lot of sadness than of any other singer, composer, producer, dancer and choreographer, and the history of the world. In fact, the firmest personal beliefs, it is never, ever, that Michael Jackson else! "

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