Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In the wake of Mischa Barton's 5150 hold last week, it turns out Lindsay Lohan, who single-nosedly kept Colombia on the map during her entire working career, tried to warn her clubbing buddy that she was out of control. FOX 411 reports:

But last year, Lindsay walked away from the friendship after a messy Mischa pushed Lindsay over the edge. Sources close to Lohan tell Fox 411 that the two girls haven't spoken for months, but Lindsay would help Mischa if she asked for help to get through this latest fiasco.
"Lindsay and Mischa used to go out all the time together in Los Angeles. They were like kindred spirits when it came to clubbing and letting loose," says the insider. " They have many mutual friends, but everything shifted for Lindsay last year at a party. Mischa was completely out of control, and Lindsay sat Mischa down then to make it clear that she needed help. Lindsay was desperate for Mischa to clean herself up and offered a treatment facility and a therapist to help Mischa. Mischa completely ignored Lindsay, and that was the end."


Lindsay Lohan told somebody they party too much. -- Am I in an alternate universe? No, seriously, I'm almost afraid to look out the window for fear of seeing cats driving cars. Next you're going to tell me the president's black.


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