Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who superior to lead us out of the valley of the debate Barack Obama's birth certificate, or the Glenn Beck's rantings as Madonna, the 50-year-old pop star, who has started in the eyes of a Poppin 'with her pumped-up biceps?

Madonna s biceps | Madonna photos | Madonna pictures | Madonna bicep   inn
Jane Fonda's workout videos is a muscle-building gone so politically correct.

"Madonna has been around itself a super-scary arms!''Writes Elizabeth Snead, The Dish Rag -" scarier than Mickey Rourke face.''

He is a sex icon, to gather attention and scandal at every turn. Now it is his awkward, over-muscled and veiny arms to gather all the attention.

First, I heard the reference "Madonna arms" on the Showtime series Weeds. It was not a positive reference.
Today, Madonna's biceps are becoming raging Fire Storm of speculation.

His trainer was on the Early Show today, and said Madonna, "She's a strong, healthy and beautiful." The Trainer denied that Madonna was the over-all type of workout.

Madonna s biceps | Madonna photos | Madonna pictures | Madonna bicep   inn

We'll be moving weightier price soon, of course - as thatBud Light Party and a professor of police is the White House tomorrow.

At the same time, we need a little something to clear the palate ofGlenn Beck's remarkson FOX & Friends, "Michelle Malkin's today and all the comments that the" certification of live syntymän''alkaen the state of Hawaii.

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