Monday, December 28, 2009

I know, I haven't been on DTY in F O R E V E R! Thought I'd drop by to tell you ladies (and gentlemen) about some dope headphones to blast your music from. I came across the brand Urbanears on Karmaloop. My Dad had been in need for a new pair so I got him some BRIGHT yellow ones. They came in the mail today and he's not around.. soooo I thought I'd take a listen!

The sound quality is great, the color selection they have is crazy fun, and they come in three different styles. All the styles include a microphone / remote that is compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, and Nokia phones. Something I really love about them is that the cord is made of fabric so you never have to worry about it getting wound up in your purse or pocket, it feels just like the string of a hoodie. The Plattan style has a feature called the "zound plug" which allows a friend to plug into your headphones for a listen. The Tanto headphones are like those old school headphones with the metal headband part but with a cool up-to-date twist. The Medis' are ergo-nomical earbuds that come with 7 different pads that guarantee a perfect fit for every ear. Even the website is hott, I love Urbanears! Check 'em out

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