Saturday, January 23, 2010


Now, is it because of the frozen face, or because Nicole has been a consistent box office flop for several years now? Which came first, the chicken of the egg? Because I think the audience started to leave Nicole around the time she started doing that junk to her beautiful face.

I also did a little research to see if Nicole was actually attached to these projects at some point. At one point, this past fall, she was attached to Bel Ami (with Robert Pattinson), but ended up pulling out/being fired last November. Monte Carlo is a project Nicole was not only supposed to star in, but produce. And it’s still listed on Nicole’s IMDB page, so who knows? And as for the How To Marry a Millionaire remake, Nicole is still tentatively attached to that too, according to IMDB. But I hope that one doesn’t even get made. I love the original. How the f-ck could you do better than Marilyn, Lauren Bacall, and Betty Grable? Seriously?


    Blame it on the Botox? After bad reviews for her stiff performance in the flop musical Nine, Nicole Kidman has been dropped from three films: Bel Mai, Monte Carlo, and a remake of the Marilyn Monroe classic How to Marry a Millionaire.

    “Nicole’s not aging gracefully, and it’s hurting her chances in Hollywood,” says Michael Levine of LCO, a public relations firm.

    But it’s not all bad - Nicole is set to star in The Danish Girl, playing the first man to get a sex change operation.


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