Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi friends,

Do you know which is the top 10 most expensive metals?

Do you know which is the worlds best and expensive metals?

Have you any knowledge for what is the price of most expensive metal?

If not then read this article.

Worlds most expensive metal is Rhodium. Rate for Rhodium per ounce is nearest USD$2900.00.

Rhodium is the worlds most expensive and most of produced in south africa.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive metals with rate in USD$.

1. Rhodium - USD$2900.00/Troy Ounce
2. Platinum - USD$1695.00/Troy Ounce
3. Palladium - USD$536.00/Troy Ounce
4. Iridium - USD$450.00/Troy Ounce
5. Osmium - USD$400/Troy Ounce
6. Gold - USD$1135.20/Troy Ounce
7. Ruthenium - USD$380/Troy Ounce
8. Rhenium - USD$9920.790/KG
9. Germanium - USD$336/KG
10. Gallium - USD$320/KG

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