Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Hi friends,
Now a days, there are many Jewelry brands available in market.
But not all the jewelry brands are on top position.
Because all jewellery brands do not have a characteristics to be on top.
Be careful when you go in Jewelry market for buy wholesale jewelery.
Because in market you get to see many Jewelry brands. but not all are top Jewelry brands.
If you like to buy wholesale jewellery then purchase only top branded Jewelry.
Do you know top celebrities buy wholesale Jewelry of only top brands.
So tell me do you know any name of top jewelery Brand name?

Do you know which are the top 15 Jewelry brands?

Do you know which are the top 10 Jewelery brands?

Do you know which are the top 5 jewellery brands?
Do you have buy wholesale Jewelry of top brands?
If you don't know that which are top brands in jewellery then Here is the list of world's top 15 jewelery brands name list which is i have found from net search.
From now purchase jewelery only from these top brands.

Top 15 Jewelry Brands

1. Graff is top 1st brand of jewelery.
2. Harry Winston is top 2nd brand of jewelry.
3. Cartier is top 3rd brand of jewellery.
4. Buccellati is top 4th brand of jewelery.
5. Harry Winston is top 5th brand of jewelry.
6. Tiffany & Co. is top 6th brand of jewellery.
7. Van Cleef & Arpels is top 7th brand of jewelery.
8. Piaget is top 8th brand of jewelry.
9. Bvlguri is top 9th brand of jewellery.
10. Fred Leighton is top 10th brand of jewelery.
11. JAR is top 11th brand of jewelry.
12. Chopard is top 12th brand of jewellery.
13. Boucheron is top 13th brand of jewelery.
14. David Webb is top 14th brand of jewelry.
15. Bulgari is top 15th brand of jewellery.

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