Sunday, August 29, 2010
Oh, it will be good. After Deadline Hollywood (via LaineyGossip history), a new film, Angelina Jolie is making a movie called Unforgiven. What ... I hope to change the name because there already a movie called that with (and director) Clint Eastwood Angelina mentor. However, the film "A woman tries to society after serving a stretch of 15 years imprisonment for the murder of two police officers to reintegrate. The tragedy happened after the police arrived at his family farm on his expulsion.

His desire is to to live in silence and his younger sister's problems, but the wife used the word a campaign of revenge for the son of one of his victims. "play Guess who runs one of the children, perhaps? Robert Pattinson. Oooooh yes. Deadline Hollywood yesterday came a report that GK Films to develop a project for Angelina Jolie, on a mini-series for the BBC entitled Unforgiven 2009th This is a woman who, after fifteen years imprisonment for the murder of two policemen and tried again with her sister, the objective of a conspiracy hatched by the vengeance of the son of one of the men killed.

GK Angelina is already connected to their love story to produce the war in Bosnia, and Unforgiven has been on the characteristics Christopher McQuarrie, a writers' side of Angelina adapted for tourism. These people really long time. As Time notes, Angelina is not bound to it a script in hand, but that is assumed to be fast, so it may be possible that all systems are go for spring. This is not the fast lane is not willing to invest money. And yes, Of course, I bought it. I love Angelina, I think it's a good actress, and the sounds of the changing boundaries. And there's a twist. There is speculation in the wind, that Robert Pattinson has been used for this project (as the son of the revenge) recognized. He had a meeting late last year with Angelina lawyer, Robert Offer, and a festive dinner, even if his recent trip to the sea salt with your agent suddenly full of new possibilities. You know I love it too. Pattinson did not have a romantic role. You need something that has nothing to do with it, is beautiful and would work actively against their appeal. Fight Club as Brad Pitt went from Pretty Boy to Man Man, could violate the explosive changes in the role of Robert Pattinson. The Twihards Brangelunatics and support the film. Can you imagine?

[Sarah @] LaineyGossip If Pattinson said one nice thing about Angelina Jolie in the press could be started a lynch Twihards hormone and finishing Aniston. And then the tabloids have a great day for the F-cking. Kristen Stewart cries Angelina have my man! "Or:" Brad will fly to Angie Pattinson Aniston hair! O "meets the individual flashes and gerbils, I'm serious!" They know that the Empress has no Zahara. He will look down and say Pattinson. There is another way. However, I also agree that Pattinson would, by being served a supportive role of sand - and I think it would be good if he and Angelina have worked together. It is not the way anyway, in my opinion ..

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