Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hi friends,

Do you have any knowledge about Error, bug and failure ?
What is bug in software engineering?

Bug is unexpected or incorrect output or results generated due to the errors in programming code or application design or generated due to the compilers.

Mostly bugs are generated due to the mistake in programming code.

Errors Definition:
Errors are generated due to the programmer mistake in coding.

Bug Definition :
During Programming, developer makes some mistake in source code and then when that code is executed then its generate incorrect output then it called bug.

Failure Definition :
due to that bug, application not behave as per Expectation is called failure.

Some one bugs also generated due to the design of application and compiler.
But mostly it injected in application during software application development.

So its most important that during application design or coding, if he take a care then we will be reduce the bugs in application.

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