Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello friends,

now i want to tell you something about integration testing.
Do you know what is integration testing.
Actually in SDLC (Software development life cycle) integration testing comes after unit testing.

Definition of integration testing
Integration testing is activity of testing when tow or more units or modules of application integrated with each other. In integration testing we have to check that both or m ore modules integrated successfully or not and due to the integration is there any generated defect in those modules functionality.

I want to explain one example here.
Suppose there is one module which is provide registration to user. now when user get registered then that user's complete information should be saved in admin area. so we have to check that after user registration, user information saved in admin area or not. and then if admin person activate that account then user should require to login in application. so we have to check that if user not activate that account and user is able to login in application or not.

So this is one simple integration. there should be many integration in any application. application's unit testing should be completed before integration testing. If unit testing not completed then integration testing not possible. reason is that if unit testing not completed and if unit or module not work as per requirement then integration testing is not possible.

So consider this thing before starting integration testing.

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