Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hi friends,

From now i will post for software testing.
Today's my topic is about my own career.
I am software testing engineer and doing job in one multinational company.
I have an experience of more then 3 years in this field.
So from now i want to share some knowledge about software testing with you.
Do you have any knowledge about software testing?
Software testing is activity of testing the new developed software application.

Major task of software testers are as bellow.

1. Software have to check that new developed application is work as per client requirement or not.
2. He have to test software for decrease application risk, business risk, money risk etc.
3. He check that is there any bug in software application or not.
4. His aim is to find as many bugs as possible. However there is not any application in the world which is bug free. but have to check every possibility for ind bug. here bug means issue or error or client requirement missing.
5. He have to check each and every functionality of application.
6. He have to perform unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and if there are many systems in one application then have to perform system integration testing.

Will describe everything of software testing process in latter.
If you have any query related to software testing then please comment on this post. i will reply you as soon as possible.

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