Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Natalie Portman plans to take a break from films and stepped out of the entertainment spotlight after her work finished. Natalie Portman wanted to concentrate on becoming a mother after she had given birth to her first child. Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied currently being happy, “I’ll get out of the public eye after (the baby is born) (I’m just going to take a chance future career) ..” Natalie Portman said on people.com.
Natalie Portman has scored several award nominations for her role as a ballerina in the Black Swan thriller. Today Natalie Portman is also currently promoting the new romantic comedy film, No Strings Attached.

Natalie Portman bald

Natalie Portman bald
Natalie Portman is bald but still beautiful. Natalie Portman famously shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta and she loved it so much that she didn't wear wigs for her appearances.


 Natalie Portman – 1 – V For Vendetta 

Natalie_Portman - 2 - V_For_Vendetta
Natalie_Portman - 3 - V_For_Vendetta

 Natalie Portman Waiting Children First

Natalie Portman, actress and ballet players have been getting the happy couple that is a choreographer of “Black Swan”. And is now awaiting her first child with Benjamin Millepied. pregnancy Natalie Portman has
made the two couples become happier.

Natalie Portman is beautiful and elegant by just about everyone’s standard. John Galliano and the creative team at Dior are putting that beauty and image to good use – Portman will be the new face of Miss Dior Cherie parfum.


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