Friday, March 4, 2011

I think today we'll just post a little personal inside information about Cameron Diaz, oppose to our regular in depth news reporting...

The information is Cameron Diaz's height, which is said to be 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

Cameron Diaz is a beautiful natural brunette, but is there anyone that can pull off a natural blonde looking hairstyle? She also wears the blonde highlights better than any celeb i have ever seen.

Cameron Diaz Famous Celebrity Image

Candid picture of hot hollywood babe Cameron Diaz in tiny bathing suit bikini
Amazing cute smile of Cameron Diaz while dancing
Pretty image of actress Cameron Diaz with casual blonde hairstyle

Cameron Diaz Stunning Images

Candid image of Cameron Diaz waving
Beautiful picture of Cameron Diaz in pretty dress and hot dark brown hairstyle on red carpet
Smoking hot photo of celebrity star Cameron Diaz driving car

Cameron Diaz Hot Pictures

Image of pretty smile and teeth of hollywood movie star Cameron Diaz
Sexy picture of Cameron Diaz with straight blonde hairstyle
Hot photo of celebrity actress Cameron Diaz wearing red lipstick

I did a two minute scene with Cameron Diaz.  She did it as a favor to the Farrellys and couldn’t have been nicer. The most surreal part was me feeling this was totally normal about ten minutes after we started shooting the scene.  It was called “Blitt Happens.” The whole idea was to do a show about a very non Hollywood guy who sells a TV show, quits his telemarketing job and is suddenly hiring famous actors and actresses.
I met Cameron Diaz in the makeup room, then handed her my inhaler and said “Here. I want you to have this. It was my mother’s and her mothers’ before that.”
She was so nice it was insane. She could have rolled her eyes about having to do this but she even asked to redo scenes to get everything right. Really genuine and great person.
If she’s reading this, you should probably say something right now to make her want to date you. To add onto the inhaler line.
Stay away from me Cameron, I’m trouble.
Also add that you’d only hurt her with your apparatus.
But don’t specify that apparatus means package.  Because that’s what seduction is.

I will give you a prime example – Cameron Diaz!
Do you guys remember how she looked when she first hit the scene?
Cameron Diaz - Then & Now - The Need for Botox Cameron Diaz - Then & Now - The Need for Botox
See how her face was plumper then? Her body was not as toned as it is now but the latent baby fat in her face kept her fresh and youthful looking. Now there is no denying her toned physique but the loss of fat from her face truly ages her. In her quest to hang on to youth and health in her body, the adverse effect has literally sucked the youth from her face.
Cameron Diaz - Celebrity Beauty - Then & Now

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