Wednesday, March 30, 2011

James Franco - Coming To A School Near You

James Franco - coming to a school near you

Remember how amazingly annoying it was when patronising relatives used to say stuff like, ‘your school days are the best days of your lives’? (Anyone still at school – they’re not. They’re talking bare bunkem.) Well, had someone who looked like James Franco been leading the lessons – and not Mr Halitosis Harolds - we might well have been a little more persuaded.
And now some lucky ducks in New York will ACTUALLY get to be taught by James Franco, as the Hollywood actor is turning teacher and holding lectures at New York University's Kanbar Institute of Film and Television.
According to a NYU spokesman quoted in the New York Daily News, "He will be teaching a section of a third year directing class in the graduate film division. It will comprise of 10 to 12 students." Kids these days, don’t know they’re born.
"Our students will be fortunate to learn from him. We anticipate the students in his class will feel especially privileged to have him as a teacher," said John Tintori, chairman of the course.
You don’t say, Mr Tintori. Now where do we sign up?
If you'd like to have even more of a crush on James Franco watch this video of James Franco kissing James Franco.

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