Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lily Allen Gets A Bit Shouty Because Of Leaked Wedding Invites

Lily Allen gets a bit shouty because of leaked wedding invites

In true form, Lily Allen has taken to twitter to vent her anger at a guest leaking her save the date card to the press.  The former singer turned fashion entrepreneur was notorious for being outspoken in interviews and her tweets.
However, she has repeatedly told the press that she wants to get out of the showbiz industry and live a quiet life in the country. Well, welcome back Lily!
 She took straight to twitter this morning when she found out about the leak to deliver a very angry and very public message to the offender stating
‘Oh and whoever leaked my wedding invite to the press, you're a dick and your not invited anymore, have some respect and stay at home.’
Lily and Sam got engaged on Christmas day 2009 and Lily has recently voiced her ambition to get out of the music industry, settle down and have kids so she can live a quiet life in the country with her family out of the public eye.
It doesn’t look as though the transition will run as smoothly as she would’ve hoped, but from the look of the save the date, we’re very excited to see how this wedding is going to turn out and we’re very excited to welcome back a bit of the old opinionated Lily.

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