Sunday, June 5, 2011

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camille grammer biography

camille grammer's
Date of Birth : 2 September 1968
camille grammer's Sign : Virgo
camille grammer's Birth Place : Newport Beach, California, USA
camille grammer's Birth Name : Camille Donatacci
camille grammer's First Name: Camille
camille grammer's Last Name : Donatacci
camille grammer's Real name : Camille Donatacci
camille grammer's Hometown : Newport Beach CA
camille grammer's Nationality : American
camille grammer's Country of Origin : United States
camille grammer's Spouse Name : Kelsey Grammer
camille grammer's Hookups : Kelsey Grammer
camille grammer's Height : 5'6
camille grammer's Profession : Actress
camille grammer's Ethnicity : White
camille grammer's Gender : Female
camille grammer's Celebrity Status : American model

camille grammer's Bra/cup size : 36C
camille grammer's Eye color : Brown
camille grammer's Hair : Blonde, Shoulder Length, Straight

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