Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Kelly Bensimon biography

Kelly Bensimon's
Birth Place : Rockford, Illinois, USA
Kelly Bensimon's Date of Birth : 1 May 1968
Kelly Bensimon's Star Sign : Taurus
Kelly Bensimon's Birth Name : Kelly Jean Killoren
Kelly Bensimon's First Name : Kelly
Kelly Bensimon's Middle Name : Jean
Kelly Bensimon's Last Name : Bensimon
Kelly Bensimon's Maiden Name : Killoren
Kelly Bensimon's Full Name at Birth : Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Kelly Bensimon's Ethnicity : White
Kelly Bensimon's Nationality : American
Kelly Bensimon's Height : 183 cm
Kelly Bensimon's Build : Slim
Kelly Bensimon's Eye Color : Hazel
Kelly Bensimon's Hair Color : Brown - Light
Kelly Bensimon's Spouse : Gilles Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon's Education :
Trinity College, Columbia University
Occupation Category : Reality TV

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