Saturday, August 13, 2011


Boys and their toys: Jay-Z and Kanye West spin around in the converted Maybach for their new music video Otis - with some model pals in the back seat

It might look like an episode of Top Gear, but this raceway is actually the set of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new music video for single Otis.

The rappers looked like they were having the time of their lives as they drove around in the $300,000 Maybach motor after practically destroying it to turn it into a convertible.

And of course the bevy of models in the back seat added to their excitement as they spun around the track singing the new tune.

Good cause: The rappers have announced that they are going to auction the car used in the video to raise funds for the East African drought disaster

The song is a tribute to soul icon Otis Redding and was inspired by his 1966 hit Try a Little Tenderness.

Kanye and Jay-Z’s latest video was directed by Spike Jonze, and is one of the singles from the duo’s album Watch The Throne.

As they dance around in white tops and jeans in front of the American flag, Jay-Z announces: ‘I guess I got my swagger back’.

Swagger: Jay-Z struts in front of the car rapping about getting his swagger back as they film the Spike-Jonez-directed video

And in a gesture of good will, the friends have announced that they are going to auction the car used in the video to raise funds for the East African drought disaster.

Meanwhile, hip hop legend Kanye might be renowned for his cool on-stage moves but he took a tumble this week while performing to a crowd in Bergen, Norway.

Hip hop legends: It's no surprise that the pair looked so excited in their video, as they both appeared in Forbes Hip-Hop top Earners list for 2011

The 34-year-old was dancing in front of the excited audience and lifted himself up on his toes to go po-go.

But when he attempted to become more vigorous, the star keeled over and slammed into the stage.

Luckily West wasn’t injured in the embarrassing incident – it was just his ego that was bruised.

Don't forget the bling: Kanye might have been casual in a white T-shirt and jeans but was draped in gold chains around his neck and wrist

Playing around: Jay-Z and Kanye jump over each other as they rap and dance around in front of the American flag on the set

source: dailymail

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