Friday, August 12, 2011


Many talents: Justin Timberlake has directed and appeared in a music video for hip-hop band FreeSol

He may have forged a successful acting career, but Justin Timberlake has not forgotten his roots.

Which may be why he has made a return to music.

the 30-year-old former NSync member has directed a music video for hip-hop band FreeSol.

Bringing music back: Justin, seen in a hoody and a cap is seen throghout the Freesol video

After seeing a performance at a small jazz cafe in their hometown of Memphis Tennessee, Justin (also Memphis born and bred) quickly signed the group to his label Tennman Records.

He then landed them a major deal with Interscope Records.

And the star has been a driving force in trying to ensure success for FreeSol.

Rear view: Justin enjoyed an extremely successful music career performing with the likes of Kylie, seen here in 2003, before turning his hand to acting

But he hasn't entirely stayed on the other side of the camera. Justin also can be seen in the video, dancing and goofing around with the group and singing along to the track.

He teased his Twitter followers by posting last night: 'New music... if you like it pass it along.'

The tweet contained a link for the video of the song Hoodies On, Hats Off.

Back in the day: Justin with his fellow NSync band members in 2000

Mila snapped at the reporter in her native Russian: 'Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?'

Justin laughed off the Black Swan star's retort, telling the crowd: 'This is my bodyguard.'

He is currently filming for his new sci-fi thriller In Time.

The movie, which he stars in with Amanda Seyfried, is set in a world where time and not money is the currency.

Good friends: Mila Kunis stuck up for Justin's decision to focus on acting

source: dailymail

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