Sunday, August 14, 2011


Waspish: Lady Gaga steps out in yet another elegant dress as she showed off a black and yellow frock as she left her Los Angeles home

She might be toning down her outlandish and outrageous wardrobe but Lady Gaga is definitely not going to be headed for the knitted twin sets just yet.

Because while she may have ditched the rubber and meat and Kermit the frogs - for now - she is still making sure that she stands out from the crowd.

The singer looked very glamorous and elegant yesterday as she left her Los Angeles home in a yellow and white snakeskin dress.

Hello my darlings: Gaga flashes her bright red talons as she greets her fans with a wave

Is my car here? Gaga looks round her wall before she is whisked off to the airport

Where are you off to? Gaga struts up the stairs of her private jet before jetting off to an unknown destination

Is that really you? Gaga has gone all elegant in recent days and has been seen in a couple of glamorous outfits

source: dailymail

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