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Gutted: Kerry Katona tonight failed her secret mission on Celebrity Big Brother - to be voted the biggest diva in the house by her housemates

Kerry Katona was dealt a triple blow on Celebrity Big Brother tonight after failing her secret mission to be voted the biggest diva amongst the 11 housemates.

The 30-year-old former Atomic Kitten star was given the task yesterday - the first to be given the housemates - on her first evening in the house.

However, despite a string of hilarious outbursts and demands - which were uncannily convincing - housemates unanimously voted Jedward, 19, the biggest house diva.

Diva queen: Kerry was uncannily convincing as a diva, seen here throwing herself to the floor to demand cigarettes from Big Brother

Kerry's punishment for failing was being the first housemate to be nominated for eviction - then she had to pick TWO other housemates to be up for the chop.

Kerry had to make her choice during tonight's live show as housemates watched her agonise over her decisions in the living room as a crowd outside the house, egged on by host Brian Dowling, cheered and booed.

Up in arms: But Kerry's strop failed to get her the votes for biggest diva

Clearly upset at her punishment, Kerry procrastinated for ages before picking model Bobby Sabel, 25, and Sally Bercow, 41, wife of House Of Commons speaker John.

She almost appeared in physical pain as she squirmed in her chair trying to make up her mind.

Down and out: In fact, the housemates had hardly noticed when she threw herself on the floor for her faux tantrum

Kerry exclaimed: 'This is so unfair! Oh god. Oh my god. This is awful. This is really horrible. Okay, okay. I can't do this! I'm going to nominate...Bobby. Because I don't really know. I've tried talking to me, but I don't really know him and he won't open up to me. I just can't talk to him properly yet.

'This is awful, Can I not nominate myself again? I like them all. F*** a duck, I don't know! I want to go home! I want me mum.'

Agony: For failing the first task of this year's CBB, Kerry was told not only was she up for eviction - but she had to nominate two of her fellow housemates too

But under pressure from Big Brother - as the show headed to its close - she plumped for Sally as her final choice.

As part of her initial challenge, Kerry was ordered by Big Brother to throw an enormous diva strop in the league of 'Mariah Carey or John McCririck'.

Almost immediately after leaving the diary room, she started kicking off about not being given any cigarettes yet.

Struggling: The former Atomic Kitten star procrastinated for ages trying to make up her mind who to pic, saying she liked everyone in the house

Crushed: The star was left visibly upset at having to make her choices so soon into the show and at one point said she wanted to go home

Crying shame: As the credits for tonight's live show ran, Kerry was in tears as she explained her choices to her housemates

Laid bare: All the other 10 hosuemates watched Kerry make her choices as she was punished for failing the diva task

Smiling through: Model Bobby Sabel didn't seem too surprised at being picked for potential eviction by Kerry, who explained she just didn't know him that well

To finish her diva masterclass, she then had a complete tantrum, throwing herself on the floor screaming: 'I WANNA CIGARETTE AND I WANNIT NOW! COME ON BIG BROTHER, OH MY GOD!' to her housemates general bemusement.

However, the reality TV star was struggling, and as she walked off, out of earshot of the others, muttered: 'This is so unfair.'

Before her punishment for failing the diva task, Kerry had spent much of her day today getting over her diva exertions with some R&R in the Big Brother house garden wearing her bikini.

Order: Kerry meanwhile explained she'd chosen Sally Bercow as her second nomination for eviction as she didn't have much in common with her

Tearful: Kerry had said earlier that she thought Bobby was 'fit' before nominating him for eviction on tonight's show, which she clearly found upsetting

Despite modest temperatures of around 22C, the star donned a stripey two-piece and chatted to fellow bikini wearing housemates Tara Reid, 35, and Amy Childs, 21.

As they talked about the men in the house, Kerry confessed that model Bobby Sabel had caught her eye, but said she though the model was too young for her at 25.

Hot stuff: Kerry had earlier recovered from her diva antics in the sauna with housemate Amy Childs

Amy confessed she was single too but admitted a preference for Coronation Street actor Lucien Lasviscount, 19, but was quick to add: 'He's got a good body though doesn't he, what's his name, Lu,' referring to Lucien.

But she also said she thought he was too young for her at 19.

Kerry swooned: 'Yeah he's sweet, don't you fancy him? He's gorgeous, I think he's dead handsome.'

source: dailymail

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