Saturday, August 27, 2011

Former First Lady Hilary Clinton Biography

Hillary Clinton's Birth Date : October, 26, 1947
Hillary Clinton's Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hilary Clinton's Birth Name : Hillary Diane Rodham
Hilary Clinton's Moon : 29°12' Pisces
Hillary Clinton's Sun : 2°48' Scorpio
Hillary Clinton's Chinese Astrology : Fire Pig

Hilary Clinton's Numerology : Birthpath 3
Hilary Clinton's First Name : Hillary
Hillary Clinton's Middle Name : Diane
Hilary Clinton's Last Name : Rodham
Hilary Clinton's Nickname : Hill
Hillary Clinton's Profession : Politician
Hilary Clinton's Height : 5' 6½"
Hillary Clinton's Nationality : American
Hilary Clinton's Religion : Christian
Hilary Clinton's Ethnicity : White American
Hilary Clinton's Hair Color : Rich Chocolate Brown
Hillary Clinton's Eye Color : Blue
Hilary Clinton's Trade Mark : Headbands and pantsuits
Hillary Clinton Best Known As: The former First Lady who became Secretary of State, Six Times listed in Time 100
Hilary Clinton Sometimes Called : Hilary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Family Detail :
Hilary Clinton's Father Name : Hugh Ellsworth Rodham
Hilary Clinton's Mother Name : Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham
Hillary Clinton's Spouse : Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton's Daughter Name : Chelsea Victoria Clinton

Hilary Clinton's Education Detail :
Studied at Wellesley and Yale and was ranked as one of the nation's top young attorneys.
B.A. from Wellesley College, J.D. from Yale University Law School, where she was on the Board of Editors for the Yale Law Review

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