Thursday, August 11, 2011


Caring side: Ryan Gosling is seen feeding a baby a bottle of milk while shooting his new movie, The Place Beyond The Pines today in New York

Here is Ryan Gosling in character as a hardman motorcyclist - who won't stop at anything to support his family.

In a rather incongruous scene, the bulked-up actor, complete with his bleach blond hair and scary fake tattoos, cradles and feeds a baby a bottle of milk on the doorstep of a house.

Biker style: Gosling plays the character of Luke, a motorcyclist stuntman who considers turning to crime to provide for his family

Filming continued on location in Schenectady, New York, today on The Place Beyond The Pines, where Gosling was also joined by co-star Eva Mendes.

The movie, which is not due out until 2013, follows the story of motorcyclist stuntman Luke (Gosling) who considers turning to crime to provide for his wife and child.

But his actions put him on a collision course with policeman-turned-politician Avery Cross, who will be played by Bradley Cooper.

X-Men: First Class actress Rose Byrne will portray Cooper's on-screen wife, replacing Greta Gerwig who was initially slated for the part.

Doting daddy: Ryan cradles the baby in a rather incongruous scenes, wearing his biker boots, leathers with painted-on tattoos sprawling up his arm

Ryan has transformed for his role, dying his hair and beefing up too.

He was trussed up in leather trousers with paint splatters and a sleeveless black T-shirt, revealing the sprawling tattoos which have been painted on to his arms.

Ryan recently talked about what it was like working with George Clooney and how he ended up at the receiving end of one of George's famous on-set pranks.

Ready to roll: Gosling was later joined by one of his co-stars, Eva Mendes, on location who arrived looking casual and make-up free

Up In The Air star George has also had a long-running prank war with his Ocean's co-star Brad Pitt, with one stunt involving some rather rude bumper stickers.

Ryan and George's political drama The Ides Of March meanwhile is out on 28 October.

It also stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood and Paul Giamatti.

Dirt bike: The actor, complete with his bleach blonde, seen riding around on location last week

source: dailymail

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