Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Determined: Victoria - in 2010 at the launch of her eponymous label in Moscow (left) and heavily pregnant at the Royal Wedding this April (right) - is using the 'five-hands' diet to shed the 1st 7lb she gained during pregnancy

You'd think after having four children any hopes of having a flat tummy would be over - but one woman is determined to prove otherwise.

After giving birth to Harper Seven last month and gaining 1st 7lb, Victoria Beckham has gone into hiding in a bid to get back to a svelte size zero.

Components: It is claimed that Victoria Beckham has been feasting on palm-sized portions of smoked salmon, goji berries and nuts, cutting out salt and sugar to help regain her slender figure

While Mr Beckham has been spotted almost daily with the rest of the brood, it is claimed 37-year-old Victoria has been cooped up in a rented seven-bedroom Malibu mansion getting her body back to pre-pregnancy glory.

According to Grazia, the former Spice Girl has been following the new 'Five Hands' diet to taper her figure in time for a grand unveiling at New York Fashion Week from September 8-15.

While David Beckham has been spotted with the rest of the Beckham brood it is claimed 37-year-old Victoria has been busy getting her body back to pre-pregnancy glory

With a matter of weeks to go before she makes her return to the spotlight, Victoria has reportedly been sticking to the strict regime which consists of just five handfuls of food a day.

A source told the magazine that she has cut out sugar and has been snacking on miniscule portions of smoked salmon, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna sushi and scrambled eggs.

They said: 'Victoria wants to be in the best shape she can in time for New York Fashion Week.

'Five days after giving birth, she started eating five high-protein meals a day accompanied by green vegetables, drinking gallons of water, and only snacking on goji berries and nuts.'

source: dailymail

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