Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time 100 Listed Bill Clinton Biography

Bill Clinton's Birth Date : 19 August 1946
Bill Clinton's Astrology Sign : Leo
Bill Clinton's Birth Place : Hope, Arkansas, USA
Bill Clinton's Birth Name : William Jefferson Blythe III
Bill Clinton's Full Name : William Jefferson Clinton
Bill Clinton's Real Name : William Jefferson Blythe IV

Bill Clinton's Nickname : The Man From Hope, Bubba, the Compromiser in Chief, Secretariat, The Wizard of "Is", The Comeback Kid, Slick Willie, The first black president
Bill Clinton's Career : Lawyer, public official, 42nd President of USA
Bill Clinton's Height : 6' 1"
Bill Clinton's Hair Color : Grey
Bill Clinton's Political Party : Democrat
Bill Clinton's Trade Mark : Raspy southern accent., Grey Hair
Bill Clinton's Writings : Putting People First - 1992, Between Hope and History - 1996
Bill Clinton's Best known as: 42nd President of the United States

Bill Clinton's Education Detail :
Georgetown University : 1968
Attended Oxford University : 1968–1970
Yale Law School : 1973
Religion : Baptist

Bill Clinton's Family Detail :
Bill Clinton's Father Name : William Jefferson Blythe
Bill Clinton's Mother Name : Virginia Dell Cassidy
Bill Clinton's Spouse Name : Hillary Rodham Clinton
Bill Clinton's Children Name : Chelsea Victoria

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