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What are you going here?: Wannabe pop star Samantha's audition for X Factor was interrupted by her boyfriend Paul, who joined her on stage

Contestants attending the live auditions at The X Factor normally brace themselves for either being booed or applauded.

But when wannabe Samantha Hallam took to the stage, she got an unexpected surprise.

Interrupting her audition, her boyfriend Paul Ricketts climbed on stage to ask her to marry him.

Romantic gesture: Paul gets down on bended knee and asks her stunned girlfriend to marry him

After she finishes singing Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon, the 37-year-old from Hastings, says: 'What are you doing here?' as her boyfriend appears from the wings.

Ricketts appeals to the judges if he can 'borrow just a short moment of your time for Samantha', before getting down on one knee.

He tells her: 'I wanted to... will you marry me?'

To the delight of the judges and the audience at London's O2 Arena, she replies 'yes' and the pair embrace.

But viewers will have to wait and see until tonight's episode as to whether or not the judges say yes to her singing.

Another SuBo? Johnny Harrison, 45, from Harrow vowed to get Botox if he gets through to the live shows

After his performance, Tulisa Contostavlos tells him: 'Johnny, you have got the shock factor. I was expecting this little person to pop out from under your hat and say coo-ee, that’s me singing!'

Kelly Rowland was equally appreciative: 'I just love him... Johnny you are sugary, lovely, delicious. I really enjoyed myself, congratulations.'

Louis Walsh added: 'Oh Johnny, when you walked out I wasn’t expecting you to be anything close to this, and then you started singing and it was very unusual, you have a very unique voice.

Gary Barlow completed the compliments: 'Johnny, I think you’ve got a great personality, I think people are really going to warm to you. I just thought that was an amazing audition, I think you’ve got a fabulous personality.'

Flirty: Derry Mensah ends up making judge Kelly Rowland blush when he proclaims his love for her

Flirty: Another contestant called Perry distracts Kelly with his ripped abs

The X Factor is on ITV1 tonight at 8pm, followed by The Xtra Factor at 9.15pm on ITV2.

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source: dailymail

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