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Kiss by a rose: Seal and his wife Heidi Klum share a kiss as they soak up the sunshine on a pontoon in Sardinia

They renew their vows every single year and it's safe to say that Seal and Heidi Klum are a couple very much in love.

And it appears that the German model and her singer husband have no problems displaying their affection and were seen doing just that as they soaked up the sunshine in Sardinia.

The couple were seen lying on a pontoon in the sea and they couldn't resist indulging in a number of passionate kisses as they relaxed on holiday.

Hands on: Seal, dressed in his red Speedos emerged from the water hand-in-hand with his wife who looked fabulous in her embellished bikini

Seal showed off his statuesque figure in a pair of small bright red speedos while Heidi displayed her model figure in a pretty sequin embellished bikini.

And it was certainly a family affair as their children, Leni, seven, Henry, five, joined the couple out on the floating platform.

Making a splash: The couple, who renew their wedding vows every year, appeared to be having a great time in the water together

And Harry seemed in the mood to play as he interrupted his parents as they were canoodling.

Seal appeared happy to oblige and was seen diving into the water showing off his athletic figure.

Soaking up the sunshine: The German model and her singer boyfriend relaxed on the floating platform with their family enjoying the view in Porto Cervo

Family time: The couple were joined on the pontoon by their five-year-old son Henry who is in the mood to joke around

All together: Heidi and Seal enjoyed the day with their children, Leni, seven, who Seal adopted in 2009, and Henry

But as he hauled his frame back onto the floating platform his weight nearly tipped Heidi into the water.

As they made their way back to the beach the couple were hand-in-hand as they emerged from the water.

Showing off: Seal was seen diving straight into the water with Henry showing off his athletic frame in a pair of short red pants

Cut it out: As Seal climbed back onto the pontoon he nearly tipped Heidi off with his muscular frame

And Seal and Heidi were just as amorous out of the water showing affection at almost every opportunity.

Later in the day mother-of-four Heidi was seen with their youngest child, two-year-old Lou Sulola, as they took a walk in the sand.

The family could well be one of the happiest celebrities families with Seal and Heidi no stranger to showing off their love for one another.

Catching some rays: As her husband and son played on the pontoon Heidi relaxed with her eyes closed soaking up the sunshine and working on her tan

You are all wet: After his dip Seal decided to give his wife a cuddle while Heidi kept her eyes firmly closed

Out of water action: As the couple spent the rest of the day on the beach they didn't miss the opportunity to show the other just how much they care

Model figure: Heidi showed off her model figure in yet another skimpy bikini while Seal showed off his muscles in a pair of barely there Speedos

Heavy lifter! The mother of four was also seen lifting her son Johan, four, out of the water and taking him back to the beach for lunch

source :dailymail

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