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Big belly Beckham: David Beckham showed off a protruding stomach in a black T-shirt as he spent a day at the beach with his sons in Malibu yesterday

He might have an impressively toned body but last week David Beckham donned a T-shirt that somehow managed to make him look a little thick around the waist.

And it seems the footballer quite likes the look, and he was seen recreating it in a black ensemble yesterday.

David, who will no doubt be winding down his football career in the coming years, tried on a beer belly for size, perhaps looking forward to retirement.

Another one on the way? David pushed his stomach out so far that it rivaled that of wife Victoria's when she was pregnant with their daughter Harper

The father-of-four proudly pushed out his stomach so far that it rivaled that of Victoria's shortly before she gave birth to their daughter Harper.

And David appeared to appreciate his own joke as he rubbed his hands over his bulging stomach smiling to himself.

But later as he took to the surf with his children the footballer showed off his washboard abs as well as his latest style statement.

The footballer has been performing a special hat trick of late, donning a cap for his daily surf sessions.

Hat trick: David Beckham has been making quite a style statement in the water recently taking to the sea in a series of baseball caps

But David decided to keep his grey baseball cap on, which he turned backwards for a curious water look.

It appears the L.A. Galaxy star has gotten into the habit of wearing head gear in the water.

He has also been seen sporting black, navy and blue versions of the cap while working the water.

Hat-trick: The father-of-four regularly goes into the water with a baseball cap on his head, sporting grey on Thursday and a blue and black version in recent weeks

David has been spending plenty of time in the sea with his sons, Brooklyn and Romeo making sure they all spend quality boy time together given the new arrival in their household.

On Thursday Cruz didn't venture into the water, he was watching from the rocks, but still got plenty of attention from his father who was seen giving him a tender kiss as they stood together out of the water.

The footballer showed off his impressive abs, which strangely appeared less toned the day before as he played with his boys in a green T-shirt, which gave him the appearance of having a paunch.

Surf's up: The father-of-four just can't seem to get enough of bodyboarding and is seen almost daily taking to the water with his boys

Line up: David and his sons and their friends were all enjoying the waves in Malibu as they lined up to ride one together

Just ab-ulous: David showed off his impressive stomach muscles in a pair of white board shorts. Earlier in the week he wore a green T-shirt which gave him the appearance of having a paunch

source: dailymail

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