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Better than the Taj?: This space station design could be built in India

More spectacular than the Taj Mahal? Stretching one hundred meters into the sky, this glistening new design could outshine anything built in India before.

The space station-style structure called Atmosphere could be constructed in Calcutta if architects have their way.

It takes its inspiration from traditional Hindu life and will contain 80 housing units which are designed for multigenerational families.

Impressive: The chocolate ribbon comes alive at night to take on an entirely different look to the scene during the day

Large terraces off the main facade provide considerable outside space for each home, and special panels carrying shimmering mobile reflective disks are scattered across the building's mesh finish.

It even includes an indoor putting green.

The futuristic design is in a competition as part of the World Architecture Festival which takes place in Barcelona later this year.

Other efforts range from a clam shell to a long chocolate ribbon design.

These startling visions of future have been brought to life as part of the festival's Open Buildings People's Choice Award.

Life is your oyster: This beach inspired design could become a reality

Officially know as NLF Bursa this chocolate ribbon design is designed to be a luxury residential high-rise which is topped off with a helipad.

There is also a restaurant at the top which would give diners a 360 degree unobstructed view.

Play time: Could this be the future of playgrounds?

It also includes a railway system and shopping centres and designers hope will be a built in Turkey.

Dubbed the Oyster, the 18 storey Taipei Nangang Office Tower in Taiwan is almost identical to a shell.

The architects took inspiration for the design from river pebbles and say it creates a 'unique aesthetic that conveys the idea of softness and elegance as well as strength and character.'

Lets rock: This dramatic design sees a modern deck area set in desert rock

Incorporated are kitchens, coffee shops, small libraries and brainstorming areas which designers say make it a fantastic ‘urban living room.’

It even has plants in the outer walls to provide natural shade and cool down the rooms during summer.

Now in its fourth year, the competition attracted its highest number of entries to date with 704 entries from 59 different countries.

Red centre: A luxury apartment in the rocks has become a favourite

In the shade: A lot of the designs look to shelter users from the elements

Paul Finch, WAF Programme Director, said: 'There is now an increasing need for innovative approaches to architecture, inspiring architects and designers to think in new ways about buildings.

'It’s encouraging that the quality of this year’s entries is the highest we’ve ever seen and we look forward to seeing which projects win.'

Cave life: This design has the feel of a natural cave, but with a bit more luxury

source: dailymail

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