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A real contender: Misha Bryan wowed the judges on The X Factor with her powerful audition

A teenager from Manchester won rave reviews from the judges on The X Factor tonight after her confident performance of Aretha Franklin's Respect.

Misha Bryan, 19, got a standing ovation from the audience and a hug from judge Kelly Rowland after her unique combination of huge notes and rapping.

After her audition, Mischa was labelled a contender for the X Factor prize by judge Gary Barlow.

Amazing: Kelly Rowland was up on her feet as Misha belted out Aretha Franklin's Respect

Before taking to the stage, Misha said: 'I want to be a worldwide star and bring smiles to people's faces.

'I'm excited but nervous and I know that before I get on stage my heart will be pounding.'

Misha also spoke about her 'tricky' upbringing, explaining: 'When I was 3 months old, for reasons I don't know, my mum was unable to look after me, and I don't know who my father is, so my auntie raised me and looked after me ever since.

'When I start talking about her, I always find myself speechless and I start getting emotional. She, to me, is one of the greatest people I know, she's amazing.

Stunned: Kelly and Gary Barlow were incredibly impressed with 19-year-old Misha's performance

'If I do get four yeses today, I know she'll be very proud. Just to make her proud in itself - I'll do anything.'

Kelly was up dancing as Misha started rapping in the middle of the song, before coming down to the judges' table and singing directly to the panel.

Afterwards, Tulisa Contostavlos said: 'That was exciting. I loved that audition, everything was brilliant. Your style is on point, you had attitude, best audition of the day.'

Gary added: 'That was absolutely fantastic and you know that was fantastic and that confidence we haven't seen a lot of yet.'

Another SuBo? Johnny Harrison, 45, from Harrow vowed to get Botox if he gets through to the live shows

Louis Walsh added: 'You deserve to be on that stage. that's the way to do an audition.

And Kelly added: 'I'm still moving because I am so happy for you. This was a really great audition. You came out here and you rocked it. I'm so proud of you.'

The auditions opened this evening at London's O2 Arena, with thousands of hopefuls queuing up with the aim of impressing judges Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland.

Before the auditions began, Gary said: 'I want to see somebody who gets us all on our feet clapping and if we don't see that I'll be really disappointed with London.'

The first singer to take to the stage was 45-year-old Johnny Robinson from Harrow, who sang Etta James' At Last.

What are you going here?: Wannabe pop star Samantha's audition for X Factor was interrupted by her boyfriend Paul, who joined her on stage

Talking to the cameras for his audition, Johnny said: 'My dream would be to make an album and to be taken seriously as a singer. To perform at the O2, where a lot of my idols have performed, is amazing.

'When I'm at the side of the stage and about to go on, I will be nervous but I'm very excited. This could be my last chance, I've got nothing to lose.'

While the judges looked apprehensive ahead of his performance, they were soon stopped in their tracks by Johnny's unique voice.

Loved-up: The pair embraced after Samantha accepted Paul's proposal

Flirty: Derry ended up making judge Kelly Rowland blush when he proclaims his love for her

After receiving a standing ovation from the audience, and cheers from the judges, Louis told a clearly emotional Johnny: 'When you walked out I wasn't expecting that at all. But it was amazing.'

Tulisa added: 'Johnny, you've got the shock factor! I was expecting a little person to jump out from underneath your hat and go, "Cooee, that's me singing!"'

Kelly said: 'You are sugary, lovely, delicious - i really enjoyed myself listening to you.'

And Gary concluded: 'Johnny, I think you’ve got a great personality, I think people are really going to warm to you. I just thought that was an amazing audition, I think you’ve got a fabulous personality.

Flirty: Another contestant called Perry Devonish distracts Kelly with his ripped abs

After Johnny was given four yeses from the judges, Gary told the rest of the panel: 'I love that when someone walks out and you don't expect that. He's straight out of a Carry On film!'

Samantha Hallam was next up, stunned with boyfriend Paul Ricketts climbed on stage to ask her to marry him.

Ricketts appealed to the judges if he can 'borrow just a short moment of your time for Samantha', before getting down on one knee.

He told her: 'I wanted to... will you marry me?'

To the delight of the judges and the audience at London's O2 Arena, she replied 'yes' and the pair embraced.

Eye candy: Joseph Castle (left) and Stefan Romer caught Kelly's eye, before she realised Stefan's age

And the judges then gave her the best wedding present ever by saying yes to Samantha's audition and putting her through tot he next stage.

Up next was Derry Mensah, 20, who professed his love for judge Kelly Rowland before taking to the stage.

Before taking to the stage, the 20-year-old declares: 'Kelly Rowland is my ultimate woman, she’s beautiful, everything about her is beautiful, when someone says her name, I just get love struck.

'Every single day I dream about being a big superstar or walking the red carpet with Kelly Rowland, I want Kelly Rowland to marry me.'

It's a no from us: Mark was the first auditionee up in Liverpool, but didn't impress the judges

The Burger King employee impresses all the judges with Usher's Can You Help Me, and makes a good impression of the ex-Destiny's Child star.

As Kelly tried to give him feedback, he interrupted her with an 'I love you'.

Kelly replied: 'Yes, come on, we are serious right now.... Alright, let’s get to business. Derry, I really like your voice, but I would like to see you in a group.'

Surprising: Craig Colton surprised the judges with his unique voice and rendition of an Adele track

But after Tulisa disagreed with the comments about him being in a group, Derry was given four yeses from the judges, and the opportunity to give his dream woman Kelly a kiss on the cheek.

Another fliratious contestant was up next, Perry Devonish, who offered to lift up his top and Kelly to count his six-pack.

She smirked: 'Can you lift it up one more time, I just have to count...

You don't have the X Factor: The Duos didn't impress the judges with their audition and left them laughing

'My darling I must admit I love your abs a little bit more than your voice, its going to be a no from me, but I am going to be dreaming about those abs. I counted; it was all eight, just nice.

'I’m slightly distracted, I’m so embarrassed. I like them a little rough, a little beard.'

But the person who appeared to have the biggest effect on Kelly was Joseph Castle, 24, who left Kelly red-faced and blushing with his audition.

Next up was Stefan Romer, 19, who performed the Beatles' Come Together and got four yeses from the judges.

Giggles: Louis and Kelly couldn't stop laughing at The Duos' audition

Then it was time for the auditions to make their way to Liverpool for the first time in the history of the X Factor.

First up in Liverpool was Mark, 21, who did not impress the judges with his rendition of Rihanna's The Only Girl In The World.

Gary said: 'The singing was truly horrible, you didn't sing once in tunes. I'm sorry, it was a terrible audition.'

And the other judges agreed, giving him four nos.

Do they have what it takes? Bromanse looked the part but didn't impress with their voices

Craig Colton, 22, was next up, admitting to Dermot O'Leary he would be auditioning without the knowledge of his parents, who were sitting inside the arena.

Singing Adele's Hiding My Heart Away, Craig left his parents in tears with his emotional and rousing performance.

Afterwards, Gary said: 'You seem really shocked by the reaction of the audience. You deserve all the applause you got today. Congratulations, that was an amazing audition.'

Tulisa added: 'I'm not going to lie, I didn't expect you to have a vocal like that, and you're funny as well. I love it.'

Are you a boy or a girl? Louis couldn't decide if this auditionee was a boy or a girl

And Craig was put straight through to the next round, with four yeses.

Next to audition was a married couple, who went as The Duos for their group name.

The pair decided to sing Beyonce's If I were A Boy, but were met with laughter from the audience with their off-key rendition of the track.

Kelly said: 'That didn't go well at all.'

Magnificent: The Keys look like they could be the next big boy band

And The Duos were then given four nos from the judges.

Five-piece Bromanse were up next, but again did not have what it takes to make it through to the next round.

Louis was then left red-faced when he couldn't tell whether one part of duo Poetic Justice was a boy or a girl.

Gary said afterwards: 'What was that, it's like you just met at a bus stop.'

The new Mark Owen: Gary particularly pointed out Charlie's voice, and likened him to Mark Owen

But there to change the judges' minds about the groups on the day was five-piece The Keys, who sang and rapped their way through Aloe Blacc's I Need A Dollar.

Gary was first to comment, saying: 'Guys, that was magnificent! Really good! You, Mark Owen in the middle, I love your voice. You've individually got great voices and you work well as a team. I just thought it was awesome.'

Tulisa added: 'You rocked the stage, all the harmonies and everything were tight.'

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The keys - Xfactor audition Week 2

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