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Brunette beauty: Brad Pitt and the unknown lady are pictured during a break from filming on the set of his new film World War Z in Glasgow

He's a pin up for countless women around the globe, but very few of those admirers will ever get a chance to be as close to Brad Pitt as his on set assistant is.

The lucky lady has been looking after the Hollywood actor on the set of his new film World War Z and is sure to be the envy of Brad fans the world over.

Filming is taking place is Glasgow, where the streets have been transformed to resemble those of Philadelphia.

A threat?: How will Angelina Jolie react to Brad's close working relationship with the pretty lady?

In new pics taken on the set of the movie, Brad, 47, is seen taking a break from filming accompanied by the pretty brunette who is likely to be a set manager.

Of course, his partner Angelina Jolie will have little to worry about - the dynamic between the actor and his on set companion is nothing more than a professional working relationship.

However her beauty could well cause a slight bit of jealousy on Angelina's part, which is only natural for any man or woman whose partner works closely with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

Victims?: The new zombie thriller is based on a book of the same name

Glasgow is the latest city to undergo an amazing transformation thanks to the new zombie thriller.

Film staff have so far managed to transform Valletta and Falmouth into a world dealing with the aftermath of a global zombie war.

And this week the post-apocalyptic scenes witnessed in by locals in Malta and Cornwall have come to Glasgow, as Brad Pitt and his crew bring the living dead to the Scottish city.

The city centre has been transformed into Philadelphia for scenes for the actor's upcoming movie World War Z.

It's looking good, everyone! Brad Pitt talks to crew members as he arrives on set in Glasgow to start filming scenes for World War Z

Welcome to Scotland! Brad gives a cheery wave as he wraps up filming for the day

Apple of his eye: Brad carried his laptop as he left work - perhaps with some more lines to learn when he got back to Angelina and the children

And Brad, 47, was right in the thick of it all as he chatted to his crew and watched as the streets were turned into the US city.

Cochrane Street has been renamed John F Kennedy Boulevard and American road signs and street names were put up while yellow taxi cabs and white police cars lined the streets as Philadelphia came to life.

Keep up the good work: Brad looked happy with the set as he chatted to crew members

Working hard: Crew members line the street and get the lighting and the cameras ready

Glasgow was chosen to double as the Pennsylvanian city because of the huge similarities between them including the architecture, wide roads and grid layout of the cities.

Local people have been recruited as zombie extras and Glasgow City Council said the production will involve almost 1,200 people and the impact on local economy is expected to be more than £2 million.

Ready for your close-up, Mr Pitt? Brad is directed as he prepares for what could be a car chase scene

Buckle up: Brad gives one last look out of the car door before shooting the scene

On film: The star is seen stuck in a traffic jam and a police motorbike knocks his wing mirror off - so he gets out to get the smashed mirror back

The film Brad's latest film is a post-apocalyptic horror film based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

Brad plays Brooks who scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived ten years after the human victory over the world wide zombie epidemic.

Read all about it: Crew members carry American newspaper boxes on to the set

The means streets of Philadelphia: Glasgow is unrecognisable as yellow taxis and American cars line the city's roads

Reclaiming the streets: Crew members climb aboard a cherry picker to put up American road signs

Marc Forster, who directed Bond classic Quantum Of Solace, is the man behind the lens, while Mireille Enos, who plays leading lady Sarah Linden in The Killing, will play Brad's wife.

Brad arrived in the city yesterday with partner Angelina Jolie and their six children - Maddox, 10, Pax, seven, Zahara, six, Siloh, five and three-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox - having chartered a Virgin train from London.

Forces united: A Glaswegian police officer looks inside a white Philadelphia police car

Coming through: An actor playing an American traffic cop weaves his way through the taxis

The A-list couple and their six children were snapped arriving at Euston station this morning in a large black people carrier and surrounded by bodyguards and members of their entourage.

When they arrived in Glasgow at 2.30pm, silver vehicles with tinted glass were allowed onto platform 11 to whisk them away from a waiting crowd.

And action! Actors and extras take their positions

In character: Actors dressed as a policeman and a homeless man get ready for their scenes

Who ordered the meat? Locals stand around and watch the action as a delivery truck arrives on set

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, a fan who had been waiting for them to arrive said: 'There were dozens of screaming fans waiting patiently for a glimpse. After all, it's not every day you can say you've seen a Hollywood movie star in Glasgow Central Station.

'But a glimpse was about all people were going to get because no sooner were they off the train than they were straight into some fancy people carriers and off.

You'll need another coat: Rain washes away newly painted crossing lines

Landmark: Workers put up signs for Philadelphia's famous suspension bridge

'Cops and security were trying their best to keep the crowds at bay and it would have been nice if the couple had just waved or something. But even the kids had their heads down.'

The couple are believed to be staying the Carnell Estate Mansion near Kilmarnock and will make the 16th century home theirs for their next few weeks.

Famous commuters: Angelina Jolie walks down the platform with daughter Shiloh while Brad carries his youngest daughter Vivienne

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Stay in Scotland For World War Z!

source: dailymail

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