Sunday, August 7, 2011


Glamorous: Katie shows off her tattooed ankles during a guest appearance on Lee Mack's All Star Cast

With her love of Cinderella carriages and all things pink, it would come as no surprise if Katie Price announced her third wedding.

But with two failed marriages behind her, she is adamant she will never tie the knot again.

The mum-of-three blamed high ceremony costs, rather than because she wouldn't find the right man.

During an appearance on Lee Mack's All Star Cast, the former glamour model also said expensive divorce rates have put her off for life.

Beehive: Katie covers up her curves in a seventies outfit on during a sketch

A member of the audience put her on the spot during a question round, revealing he was a professional photographer and offering to lend his services to her whenever she said 'I do' again.

But she quipped: 'I'm never getting married again.

'It's too expensive to get married and more expensive to divorce. No, I'm definitely not.'

Ink-redible: Jordan examines the tattoo on Rhod Gilbert's back by pulling his shirt down

But fellow guest Rhod Gilbert probed her, suggesting it might be third time lucky if she goes into the next one 'vaguely optimistically' and without presuming 'you'll get divorced'.

Again, Katie was quick to defend herself, saying: 'No, honestly I'm not.'

Host Mack then joked that even if toyboy Leandro Penna popped the question, she wouldn't be able to understand the Argentinian model.

'I promise you he speaks English,' assured Katie.

Love is in the air: Katie was quick to show the world her new man, posting a picture of them on Twitter just seven weeks after meeting

source: dailymail

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