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Parklife!: Angelina Jolie holds Vivien in her arms while Zahara stands next to a lady thought to be one of the Jolie-Pitt's nannies as they spent a day out in Glasgow

They're probably quite a handful so you have to give Angelina Jolie some brownie points for managing to keep a handle on her brood of children.

The Hollywood actress, 37, took four of her six offspring to a park in Glasgow for some play time while their father Brad Pitt continued work on his new movie World War Z.

Angelina Jolie was accompanied by a female who appeared to be a nanny as well as a male associate likely to be a bodyguard.

Back to nature: (l-r) Vivien, Shiloh, Knox and Zhara enjoy a day out in the greenery of a park in Scotland

The actress took Zahara, six, Shiloh, five, and twins Vivien and Knox, three, for a spot of fun and games in the grassy area - perhaps because they grew a little restless while at their hotel.

Notably absent from the pictures are Pax and Maddox, the elder boys, who may well have opted out of the day trip to spend time playing computer games or something a little more mature.

Angelina's outfit was par for the course for the actress, wearing her much favoured colour black from top to toe.

Her outfit consisted of a black sweater, black jeans and black knee-high Wellington style boots

Fenced off: The children give each other the runaround

Her female companion wore a black and white striped pullover with blue jeans and black UGG boots.

Meanwhile the children were suitably dressed for the lukewarm temperatures in the Scottish city, where it is currently 17 degrees centigrade.

Zahara was dressed in a black duffle coat with a fur-lined hood - underneath she had a navy top, black jeans and colourful, patterned wellies.

Shiloh wore a red zip up fleece with a striped blue over a white top, khaki coloured trousers and traditional green wellies.

You're it!: Shiloh gives chase to Knox during the day out with their mother Angelina Jolie

Assistance: While Angelina is no doubt a capable mother, with six children to care for it's unsurprising that she has a nanny to help out

Come on! Zahara appears to shout during the childrens' mini adventure

Leading the way: Shiloh marches back to her mother, thumb in mouth, with Knox and Zahara following right behind

Meanwhile the twins Know and Vivien were wrapped up in their own individual outfits - Vivien in a pink top, with black jeans and matching pink boots.

Knox on the other hand had a duffle coat on similar to Zahara's with beige bottoms and green boots covered with a colourful pattern.

The family are in Scotland where father Brad Pitt is shooting scenes for his latest movie project World War Z.

Family day out: Angelina took four of her six children to the park - but Maddox and Pax were missing, perhaps preferring to stay at their temporary accommodation

Brunette beauty: Brad Pitt and the assistant are pictured during a break from filming on the set of his new film World War Z in Glasgow

And the film has become a big event in Glasgow with whole districts being shut off while the crew transform the Scottish city into Philadelphia.

Today a whole area of the city was shut down as the action scenes began to take shape.

A stunt involving a dustbin truck smashing through rows of traffic was shot in the centre of Glasgow, shutting down the whole road were the scene took place.

Yesterday Brad, 47, was seen taking a break from filming accompanied by the pretty brunette who is likely to be a set manager.

Of course, his partner Angelina Jolie will have little to worry about - the dynamic between the actor and his on-set companion is nothing more than a professional working relationship.

Crash! Bang! Wallop!: A dustbin truck smashes through staionary traffic in Glasgow as action scenes from World War Z are shot

source: dailymail

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