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Clawfully good-looking: Anne Hathaway showed off the wonderful form that landed her the part of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises during filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It looks like glamorous Anne Hathaway is definitely the top cat on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.

The actress showed off her perfect legs as she prowled around in a tiny pair of sports shorts between takes.

And the star, who is playing Catwoman in next year's most hotly-tipped blockbuster, definitely did not look like she was overindulging in the cream as she looked in tip-top shape.

Vested interest: Anne showed off the toned body she sculpted for the part in a tight-fitting black top

Anne, who was wearing heavy make-up, she chatted with a member of the production staff while she stretched her legs during a spot of down time.

It looks like the Oscars hostess has been working hard to get in shape for her role as high-kicking thief Selena Kyle in the final part of Christopher Nolan's hit trilogy.

Whisker away: An assistant takes Anne to her next destination during a hectic day of blockbuster movie-making

A source told the Mail: 'Anne is working out five days a week. She's taking it very seriously and wants her body in tip-top condition.

'Secretly she hopes to upstage Halle Berry, who last played Catwoman.

'She's doing dance classes, weight-training and cardio - she wants to be the sexiest Catwoman ever.'

Cot in the act: Marion Cotillard is snapped as she takes part in a scene for the upcoming film

She is playing Miranda Tate in the film, an ally of Bruce Wayne's who works on the board of his company.

Although the ladies on set provided the glamour, it was the stunt men who generated the excitement.

One was seen shooting down a set of stairs in a exotically-designed motorbike during one of the more thrilling moments of the day.

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine and is set to be released in July 2012.

Aerodynamically viable? Whether such a bike would ever pass as road worthy is anyone's guess but it looked good on film

source :dailymail

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