Thursday, August 11, 2011


Coming up: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cover Entertainment Weekly promoting the final Twilight film

As a real life couple they are fiercely guarded about their relationship.

But now Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are opening up about the intimate details of their on-screen romance in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The real-life couple also appeared on the magazine's cover in a raunchy embrace with a topless Robert and a semi-naked Kristen submerged up to their waists in water.

Best actor: Robert picked up an award at last weekend's Teen Choice Awards

The pair talked candidly to Entertainment Weekly about the much hyped honeymoon sex scene which takes place in the upcoming next instalment of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn.

The fairly graphic scene contains shots of Edward Cullen, played by Robert, 25, ripping through pillows with his fangs.

'I wanted to have it as a line so much,' Robert told EW.

'I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One. And then he’d start crying.'

'By the way, that’s what he should be ashamed of in the morning.

'All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! [Laughs] I ruined this bed!' the actor joked.

Kristen, however, was less enthusiastic about shooting the wedding scenes, saying: 'It’s a trip to watch the wedding scenes especially.'

'It was so volatile and emotional - I was being such a crazy person.'

The next instalment is set to be the biggest yet, however both actors are already on production in new films.

source: dailymail

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