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Their local toy shop: Angelina Jolie and her girls Zahara and Shiloh visited their local toy shop in Richmond, one they visited two weeks ago

They have been taking in the sights and sounds of London and given their bank balance Hollywood A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could spoil their brood rotten.

But today the Salt actress decided to take her actress to a family-run toyshop in Richmond, one she visited two weeks ago.

Angelina, 36, went on a low-key shopping spree with two of her daughters Shiloh, five, and Zahara, six.

Modest spend: Speaking to MailOnline Karen Khatchik, who runs the store said: 'She bought lots of small items like craft-making, stickers, tattoos, they were things for a trip they have planned'

The threesome visited Toy Station in Richmond, a local shop they have visited before.

Speaking to MailOnline, Karen Khatchik, who runs the store with her husband and sister-in-law, said: 'She bought lots of small items like craft-making, stickers, tattoos, they were things for a trip they have planned.'

But while Jolie and beau Brad could afford to buy the entire stock in the shop Karen said the mother-of-six spent no more than her other customers.

Lovely girls: The shop owner said that the girls were very chatty and animated as they looked at the items in the shop

Mrs Khatchik said: 'Angelina was so nice, she shook hands with me and she gave me a birthday card after I revealed it was our 15th anniversary.'

'The family came to the shop before and Angelina said they really liked it here and the children wanted to come back.

Thoughtful gesture: Angelina wrote a card for the shop owner Karen after she told her it was their fifteenth anniversary at the shop

Local haunt: The famous family visited The Toy Station in Richmond earlier today, their second visit to the local shop

And speaking of the two little girls Karen told MailOnline: 'They are lovely children, chatting to me and they were telling me a lot about what characters they liked and didn't like.'

The trip to the toy store comes just a day after the girls, along with their brothers Maddox, 10, Pax, seven, enjoyed a trip to watch Shrek The Musical at the Drury Lane theatre.

Family treat: Angelina took her four oldest children to see Shrek The Musical in London yesterday

All lined up: The family made their way out of the theatre with Maddox ahead of Shiloh and Zahara and Angelina at the back

Brad Pitt was absent from the party as were the couple’s youngest children, three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

On Saturday the A-list couple were seen with their three youngest children who they treated to a performance of The Three Little Pigs And The Wolf at the Puppet Theatre Barge.

Girls together: As the female members of the family left the theatre Shiloh couldn't resist sticking her tongue out at the crowd

Centre of attention: The family caused a stir at the theatre and a crowd had gathered to see them leave

The A-list elite are on UK shores in Surrey while the Fight Club actor shoots his latest film World War Z.

As the name suggests, the unique 50-seat auditorium floats on water.

The shows are aimed at children and adults, with the boat moored in Little Venice throughout the year and in Richmond during the summer.

In you go: Angelina helped each one of her children into the van after the performance of Shrek the Musical

Chic style: The actress wore an all-black ensemble for the outing with four of her children while Brad and her twins Knox and Vivienne did not attend the theatre trip

The family have taken full advantage of their time across the Atlantic in the UK, with various shopping trips, a trip to the West End to see the musical Wicked and even a visit to the rather unglamorous Halfords.

It was rumoured that Maddox was set to make his film debut in a Battling Boy, a film produced by his father, but a spokesperson has just denied it.

Day out: Brad and Angelina take their brood to The Puppet Theatre Barge in Surrey where they are staying while the Fight Club star films World War Z

Happy families: Shiloh plays ahead of her parents as they keep the youngest of the brood close to them

All aboard: Brangelina keep a watchful eye on the kids so they don't fall overboard

Not exactly the red carpet: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visit Halfords in Isleworth with three of their children

Can't we go to the park? Maddox, Zahara and Pax don't look too happy to be dragged around the shops

source :dailymail

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