Thursday, August 4, 2011


Let's Bieb having you: Bidding has been slow so far for Justin Bieber's old trainers despite the fact they are being sold to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

The mere mention of his name is renowned for sending young girls giddy with delight.

So the news teen sensation Justin Bieber is auctioning a pair of his worn Supra trainers for charity should have been enough to kick off a bidding frenzy.

Bieber Fever has failed to take hold however, as just four bids have been made despite the lot being open since July 19.

It's four charity: Just four bids have been made so far for Bieber's sweaty shoes

Charity auction website will be hoping there will be a last minute stampede to land the unique item, as the proceeds are being used to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Bidding for the shoes closes next Wednesday, so there is still plenty of time for fans to get in line.

One crumb of comfort for auction organisers is the fact $900 has already been bid for the sweaty sneakers, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

Supra deal: A fan could have a chance of owning Bieibers old shoes if they bid $1,000 in the auction

However the revelation will add more credence to claims the singer's popularity is finally declining after his near omnipresence over the last few years.

Bieber, who is dating teen favourite Selena Gomez, burst onto the music scene two years ago as a cutesy, clean-cut pop sensation.

But it would seem Justin Bieber is becoming quite the rebel these days.

Earlier this week the 17-year-old star was spotted wearing a T-shirt which literally turned the air blue with an unmissable, unsavoury song lyric printed in huge white writing.

Swagger: Justin Bieber leaves a clothes store in Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles, yesterday wearing a crude blue T-shirt

Carry my bags: The 17-year-old got a minder to hold his purchases from the Armani Exchange

source :dailymail

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