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Wedding day preparations: In these newly-released still from Breaking Dawn: Part1 Kristen Stewart is pictured as Bella having her hair and make-up done for her wedding to Edward

Twi-hards still have three agonising months to wait before the beginning of the end of the Twilight series is released in cinemas.

But today new images from the highly-anticipated movie have been released to whet their appetites, revealing new scenes of Bella and Edward's blissful honeymoon - before their short-lived happiness is shattered.

In the first image Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, is seen being primped and pampered by her future sisters-in-law Alice (Ashley Greene) and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) before her wedding to the vampire.

Wedding night: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson discuss the love scene with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon

As fans of the book know, at this point Bella is wracked with nerves ahead of her nuptials, believing she is far too young to be married, despite her love for Edward.

But the moment she sees her groom waiting at the alter, all her worries disappear and the couple marry in an emotional ceremony.

After the wedding Edward whisks Bella for a romantic honeymoon on the Cullen family's private island, Isle Esme. The newly-released stills show the couple zooming through the ocean in a high-powered speed boat.

Love: The couple can barely take their hands off each other during their blissful honeymoon on their private island

Lazy days: Before the dramatic discovery that shatters their happiness, Edward and Bella enjoy a peaceful holiday

Another image shows the stars Stewart and Pattinson lying in their alter egos' marital bed while discussing the highly-anticipated love scene with director Bill Condon.

It seems the couple won't be able to keep their hands off each other during their blissful honeymoon on the idyllic island, with several images showing the actors - also a real life couple - in loving embraces.

But their happiness is shattered when Bella discovers she is pregnant - something the couple did not believe was possible.

Jetsetters: Following their wedding the couple jet to Brazil before cruising to the Cullens' isolated private island, Isle Esme

Dreams coming true: Bella is overjoyed to become Mrs Cullen after her initial hesitation over getting married

With a vampire growing inside of her, Bella's life is in danger, so the couple rush back home.

Another still shows Jacob (Taylor Lautner) angrily facing up to Rosalie who, as fans know, defends Bella's wish to keep her baby despite the risks.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have discussed their anxiety over filming the dramatic scenes that are so close to fans' hearts during their recent appearance at Comic-Con.

'I was as nervous and terrified as I expected to be,' Kristen said during a Q&A session, of the wedding scene she said she's been 'ramping up to' for four years

Help me: Bella makes a dramatic call to Dr Cullen after discovering she is pregnant

Kristen revealed there was 'Secret-Service-style crazy security' during filming of the wedding scene, with all crew and cast banned from bringing their phones on set.

Meanwhile Robert admitted he was terrified of stripping off for the honeymoon scenes.

'Embarrassingly, the thing I was most nervous about was to take my shirt off,' the 25-year-old actor confided to reporters.

So much of the books are about Edward's body... I think in the book it's mentioned every three pages.'

Fans will be able to judge how Edward looks for themselves when the film is released worldwide on November 18.

Showdown: Jacob (Taylor Lautner) faces up to Rosalie (Nikki Reed) after she defends Bella's decision to keep the life-endangering baby

source: dailymail

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