Thursday, August 25, 2011


'Honest Lauren, it's just me and the lads': Mark Wright makes a phonecall while relaxing by the pool at the Sisu Boutique Hotel in Marbella, Spain

After Mark Wright's last trip to Marbella rocked his engagement to Lauren Goodger, his fiancée banned him from returning to the Spanish resort without her.

But it looks like she may have relented and given her blessing after club promoter returned to 'Marbs' for a holiday with his closest friends.

The Only Way Is Essex star, 24, is technically 'working' by hosting several club nights during his trip, but has been spending his days hanging out with the lads and topping up his year-round tan.

That's look inviting: Wright eyes the refreshing blue waters of the hotel pool

Relaxing in the grounds of the Sisu Boutique Hotel on Wednesday, Wright dive-bombed his friends in the pool.

Accompanying him on the trip was his younger brother, footballer Josh Wright, who is currently recovering from an injury.

His trip to Marbella is his third this summer already, having last visited a few weeks ago with his fiancée.

He famously decamped to the Spanish resort with most of the TOWIE cast in May for a week-long party.

Dive-bomb: Mark's friends dash out out of the way as he jumps into the pool

That trip didn't go down too well with Goodger after his ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh claimed they had a 'drunken kiss' during a late night partying.

Although the couple worked through their issues, his fiancée insisted he would never go to Marbella without her.

She said at the time: 'He was on a stag so he got away with that one. I won’t allow it again. He’s lost that trust. He will never go to Marbella without me. Ever.

source : dailymail

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