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Shocked: Tara Reid looked disgusted when Lucien Laviscount came out with a filthy chat-up line over dinner

A romantic candelit dinner for two quickly turned into a foul-mouthed argument on Celebrity Big Brother last night.

Lucien Laviscount and Tara Reid were enjoying a delicious meal after winning the cook-off challenge earlier in the day, when Waterloo Road star Lucien came out with a chat-up line that was so filthy it cause Tara to throw a jug of water in his face.

A shocked Tara said: 'Don't talk to me like that, f*** you! That was disgusting.'

Cool off! Tara threw a large jug of water over Lucien after he disgusted her with his comment

But, as Lucien attempted to defend his comment as a 'joke', Tara decided to teach him a lesson by throwing water in his face, leaving the actor spluttering in her wake.

Lucien then said: 'Can we leave big brother please, she has taken it too far!'

But the pair settled their argument by sharing a laugh in the Diary Room, giggling about the row.

Earlier as the couple shared a meal together, Tara had said how much she liked Lucien.

What's so funny? Lucien looked stunned that Tara had taken the step of throwing water on him

Spluttering: A drenched Lucien sat spluttering after the incident

She told him: 'Thank you for you being in this house, I don't know what you would do in this house without you.

'Everyone is cool with you, you're the most fun, you have the biggest heart - you're amazing, you're smart, and you're cool. You're like me!'

The morning began with Kerry Katona and Bobby Sabel in the kitchen, talking about how thrilled they were to have been saved from the eviction this week, with Sally Bercow going home instead.

Winners: The pair had been treated to a delicious meal after winning a cook-off challenge with Marco Pierre White

Terrifying: The housemates had to pick a partner and recreate a sea bass recipe from memory after watching Marco cook it

But Kerry complained that one thing she didn't like about being in the house was the fact that there was nowhere to hide.

She laughed with Bobby: 'It's awful waking up on television looking rough as anything. I'm just so happy we're here though, what a relief!'

Tara Reid also spoke about how she has been enjoying her time in the house, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room: 'There are bonds happening in the house, and that's amazing.

'I trust Lucien the most, and Paddy I absolutely adore. He's a kind, good, hard-working man with some amazing stories, I love listening to him.

Evil eyes: Marco left many of the housemates, particularly Lucien, absolutely terrified

What's next? The housemates then had to try and remember the steps they needed to take for the recipe

'I like Amy but she's more like a cartoon character, just the things she does. I find her interesting, it's kind of cool.

'But with Darryn, I feel like I just have to be a little more aware.'

Meanwhile, the romantic tension between Bobby and Amy Childs appeared to be heightened as the male model told TOWIE star Amy that he preferred her without make-up.

And, as Amy gave him a manicure later in the day, Bobby admitted: 'I underestimated you when i came in.

Not bad: Marco passes judgement on Bobby and Amy's dish, declaring it slightly undercooked

Cheeky! Kerry takes a swig out of the bottle of white wine the housemates were given to cook with

'I was the one who said you were the dippy one and put you up for the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz task.'

Later in the day, the housemates were set a cooking challenge with celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

But while most of the housemates were quick to find their partners for the challenge, Pamela was left with Darryn, her least favourite person in the house.

Frenemies: Pamela and Darryn were forced to team up for the task, but managed to get through it in one piece

Sticking together: Jedward, of course, chose to partner up with each other for the challenge

A clearly unimpressed Darryn said: 'It will be a disaster with her, you wait and see. I'd rather work on my own.'

Ready in their chef's whites, the housemates then made their way to the kitchen for a lesson with Marco.

Holding his ever-sharp knife, Marco told the housemates: 'You're an interesting crew!'

He said: 'I chose to do something very simple because you must remember one thing, I'm not here to make you look like a fool. It's a very simple dish which will take 20 minutes if you watch and if you listen.

Call that cleaning? The pair were told they would have to clean the kitchen as punishment for losing

Skidding around: The boys spread soy sauce and olive oil all over the floor so they could slide around on it

'All you have to understand is one thing, it's a philosophy, not a recipe, unless it's pastry, which is chemistry.'

The housemates then had to recreate the seabass recipe from memory in just 30 minutes.

Talking about the different teams, Marco said: 'Darryn and Pamela tried very hard and they wanted to succeed. you could see that they had a genuine love for food.

Bobby and Amy worked together well as a team, and the Jedward boys were very enthusiastic, and they tried very hard. They were the first to have their fish in the oven.

'Kerry has no confidence in front of the stove, but she tried very hard. During the instruction, I could see that Tara and Lucien were quite nervous and they didn't really observe that much, but they observed enough to get them through.

Toast time: Jedward attempted to relieve the boredom by creating a tower out of toast

Wastage: But Kerry wasn't impressed with the amount of bread they had wasted for their creation

After tasting the dishes, Marco said: 'The Jedward boys were very competitive but what they gave me wasn't very good.

'Darryn and Pamela's was just a little bit undercooked. Bobby and Amy's fish was a little overcooked on the shoulder and they forgot to put the ginger on the top.

'But Tara and Lucien did really well and their fish was cooked perfectly, and they put a good amount of soya and sesame seed oil over the top.

'And Kerry and Paddy's fish was almost perfect - it just needed one more minute in the oven.'

Giggles: Amy couldn't stop laughing when Pamela started talking in her sleep

Confused: Pamela had no idea what she was saying and found herself very confused when she woke up

Marco then chose Tara and Lucien as the winners, with the prize of their luxurious dinner for two, while Jedward lost the task, and were told they must wash up after the cook-off challenge.

But the Irish twins didn't seem too concerned about cleaning up, instead splashing sauce on the floor to make it slippery and leaving before they had properly cleaned the room.

Meanwhile, Tara appeared to be struggling to strike up a friendship with Darryn, admitting she was finding it hard to trust a paparazzo.

She told Paddy: 'You want to be on his good side, if you're on his bad side, then you're done. He can control the media and what the whole world thinks in one tabloid. So for me he is one of the scariest men. It just takes one thing to p**s him off and you're done.'

Stay away from him: In a late-night chat, Tara told Pamela to stay away from Darryn because he's a bully

Tara later told Pamela: 'He's the intisgator in the house, he makes everyone in a bad mood. He's a bully. At the end of the day I don't trust him. He has ruined many people's lives. He knows how to kill people with one sentence.'

Jedward were also causing more trouble, angering Kerry when they used two loaves of bread to make a tower of toast.

A clearly angry Kerry saw the mess they had created and said: 'What have I told you boys about wasting food? It's like lego but it's bread. I don't mind you having a joke and messing aruond but not with food. You know the grownups will ground you!'



source: dailymail

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