Friday, September 2, 2011


Top Gun: Chris Brown was clearly living out his fantasy as he drove his custom Lamborghini into a building in Downtown Los Angeles yesterday

It looks like disgraced singer Chris Brown fancies himself as a bit of a Top Gun.

The entertainer has been pictured driving his own custom Lamborghini car with a specially modified look based on the legendary F-86 Sabre.

No doubt even Tom Cruise's Maverick character would have cast an admiring glance at the RnB singer's unique set of wheels as he sped through Downtown Los Angeles yesterday.

Thumbs up: No doubt Maverick would give his seal of approval to the arrogant star's expensive new car

And the F.A.M.E singer would not have looked out of place pulling up to take part in the film's famous beach volleyball scene in such a fashionable ride.

His custom paint job goes so far as to have specially painted on rivets along each of the luxury sports car's panels.

The original and best: The legendary F-86A Sabre figther jet which Brown's paint job is lifted from

The F-86 is an historic aircraft that is famous for being the US's first swept wing fighter which could counter the similarly-winged Soviet MiG-15 in high speed dogfights over the skies of the Korean War.

It set its first official world speed record of 670 miles per hour in September 1948, and its ability to fly around the sound barrier saw it remain in use as a front-line fighter in numerous air forces until the last active operational examples were retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994.

Rip off: Brown's specially commissioned custom look copies how the jet looks down to painted on rivets on each of the panels

Bad boy star Brown, who pled guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has clearly taken the title of his hit song Look At Me Now to heart.

Even Pimp My Ride presenter Xzibit would have been impressed at his specially commissioned paint job.

The spoiled 22-year-old clearly loves flaunting the wealth he has earned from his chart-topping career.

He wore a $22,000 Rolex watch to the MTV Video Music Awards last week, but almost lost the diamond encrusted timepiece.

Brown resorted to throwing it off stage after the accessory came loose during his performance.

Welcome at the party: No doubt Chris would be welcome at the film's famous volleyball scene if he pulled up in his cool car

source: dailymail

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