Thursday, September 1, 2011

By Liz Thomas

Farewell: Kate waves goodbye to the crows in Venice last night

These days, it seems to be customary for any Hollywood actress worth her salt to get through at least three costume changes at a red carpet event.

So perhaps this daring taupe Victoria Beckham-designed dress – with a zip all the way up the back – was Kate Winslet's attempt to make life easier if she opted for a new outfit later on.

At the movies: Kate with actors Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly

The actress was at the Venice Film Festival yesterday, attending the premiere of her film Carnage, by Roman Polanski, the notorious director who fled America after admitting unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in 1978.

Premiere attraction: Kate shows off her curves on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival

Showstopping: Kate worked the cameras and smiled at fans as she posed ahead of the screening

It is the 78-year-old's first film since he was freed from house arrest in Switzerland last year, although he is yet to face justice in the U.S.

Yet Miss Winslet yesterday defended her decision to star in the film, saying: 'When Roman Polanski invites you to join him in any project you really don't say no.

'I felt extremely fortunate to be included.'

Supporting spouses: Christoph Waltz was joined by wife Judith Waltz while John C. Reilly walked the red carpet with his wife Alison Dickey

Stars of the show: The cast of Carnage John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz posed together ahead of the screening

Miss Winslet said: 'We were working with the great Roman Polanski. We are only human beings and we are still perfectly capable of being terrified, whoever we are.'

Carnage is based on Y Reza's award-winning play God of Carnage.

Kate was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Christoph Waltz, who was joined by wife Judith Waltz while John C. Reilly walked the red carpet with his wife Alison Dickey.

Just a few autographs: The actress was happy to sign her signature for the delighted crowds who had gathered outside the screening

Film guests: Bar Refaeli, Manuela Arcuri, Asia Argento and Eli Roth were also in attendance

Other guests included Sports Illustrated model Bar Refaeli, actresses Manuela Arcuri and Asia Argento and filmmaker Eli Roth.

Miss Winslet has spoken of her recent experience with Richard Branson and family on Necker Island.

The tycoon hailed the actress a hero after she rescued his mother eve from a fire in their house.

She said: 'I feel extremely fortunate to have been with the Branson family who coped with it incredibly well, I have never known such a group of extraordinarily stoic people and am very very grateful to be alive and to be here.'


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