Thursday, September 1, 2011

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Upset? As Lucien revealed he was seeing a 27-year-old girl Kerry turned her head and became quiet before asking him if he like his girlfriend

They have been flirting for the past two weeks but Kerry Katona’s hopes of romance in the house have been quashed as Lucien has revealed he has a girlfriend.

The housemates were getting ready for bed when the Coronation Street actor made the shock revelation.

The group were talking about when they last had sex when Lucien revealed he was seeing a girl on the outside.

Bobby started the conversation revealing he was feeling particularly sexual frustrated and said: ‘Today was my breaking point I was like “I’m dying.”’

Amy Childs said was last intimate with someone in July while Kerry appealed to houseamtes and said: ‘Is there anyone to take me.’

Dropping a bombshell: Lucien revealed that he has a girlfriend leaving Kerry Katona crushed

Kerry asked Lucien if he slept with someone the day before he came into the house and it was at this point the actor dropped the bombshell that he was seeing a girl who had moved in with his friend.

He explained: ‘She’s a cool girl she is 27 she has her career on track I kinda just got involved.’

And Kerry couldn’t help but query the actor on his girl asking if her liked her.

Lucien replied: ‘We’ve got a wicked thing together we are very good friends.’

‘She’s a sweet girl.’

You're in love: As the actor spoke more about his girlfriend saying she was a wicked girl and they got on well, Kerry started shouting. You're in love Mumbles is in love

Not too long: Amy Childs revealed that she last had sex in July

Kerry appeared disappointed by the revelation and hid her head under the covers.

And Lucien tried to play down the relationship and said she was a bit older and had her career on track suggesting they weren’t looking for the same thing out of a relationship.

Perhaps to try and mask her disappointment Kerry squealed out: You love her. Mumbles is in love.’

And it was at this point that the actor said no one was a patch on the mother-of-four, who he has been flirting with for the past two weeks.

Chatting up: Earlier in the day Lucien had pretended to chat Kerry up in the bedroom using his best lines

Kerry replied: ‘Nothing compares to me baby.’

Earlier in the day the pair had been continuing their flirtation as the actor pretended to chat Kerry up while they were in the bedroom much to the dismay of model Bobby.

It was quite an emotional day for Kerry who not only showed just how tough she can be as a mother taking on the role of mother in the house dishing out the discipline to Jedward.

But Kerry also showed her soft side and broke down into sobs of tears after she was granted a phone call from her daughter Molly.

Stern: After Jedward trashed the house it was Kerry Katona who screamed at them and made them clean up their mess

After John and Edward had caused chaos in the house turning it upside down after going on a rampage it was Kerry who took on the task of telling them off.

She screamed: ‘Get in there and get that sh** cleaned up. NOW!’

Kerry bellowed: ‘You pair of jackarses, you are 19 not nine. It’s no good just standing there get it done my Molly acts older than you too.’

Furious female: The mother-of-four went ballistic at the Irish twins after they had trashed the house

Under control: After facing the wrath of Kerry the boys got their act together and cleared up their mess

As the former Atomic Kitten stormed out into the garden Paddy told her: ‘It’s f****** far from a joke.’

But Kerry stern demeanour worked and Jedward set to putting the house to rights.

The Irish brothers ended up spending hours scrubbing, wiping and straightening the mess they had made.

After she showed off her hard side Kerry also displayed her softer side and was left in floods of tears after speaking to her daughter.

Surveying their work: Kerry was seen inspecting the boys efforts and didn't look too impressed

The mother of four was given an eight minute conversation with her eldest daughter, who turned ten years old yesterday.

After blowing out eight candles on a cake in the dairy room Kerry was told she would be having a conversation with Molly and she couldn’t control the tears.

As Molly came on the phone Kerry cried and said: ‘Hello baby girl Happy Birthday I miss you so so much.

As her daughter revealed she had her ears pierced since Kerry has been in the house she exclaimed: ‘Ah right because you are ten now then, I hope you haven’t got a boyfriend.’

Molly said she was missing her mother but that she was having a good time and asked Kerry about her experience in the house.

Kerry explained how the whole house had sang


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